A New Blog, A New Beginning

So, my previous blog turned out to be a complete flop…for many reasons…all of which were my own fault (check it out here if you dare–> http://seasonpetrovich.wordpress.com/). The main theme was something I’m very passionate about (healthy living), but it felt more like doing homework than anything. I made it more complicated than it needed to be and too formal for the average reader…and it wasn’t even something I felt motivated to stick with once I got started. The main reason for this, I’ve concluded, is because healthy living is a lifestyle. A lifestyle defines who you are, and who you are isn’t something you should struggle with–it just happens naturally. The content of my previous blog wasn’t natural at all. It didn’t share with you the ins and outs of my journey and the journey of others in trying to live a healthy lifestyle. It didn’t motivate anyone or draw anyone in because it wasn’t personal enough to.

This blog will essentially be what its name implies–my life diary through health and fitness. In it you will find what workouts I did for the day and how I felt before and afterwards. You’ll find posts of me venting about how I ate all kinds of junk and then didn’t squeeze a workout in. You’ll also find all kinds of information about my two “kids” (dogs), what hobbies I have, what music pumps me up, and anything else about me I’d hope you’d find interesting. But, most importantly, you will hopefully find both humor and inspiration through these blogs. Feel free to comment (nicely) on anything your heart desires.




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