Getting Started

Well, yesterday I managed to get a workout in even though my legs were still killing me from a workout 2 days before. I was hoping to have a snippet of some of the exercises I did to post, but I’m having trouble getting my laptop to recognize the video files (I’m a bit technilogically challenged). Hopefully I can get things figured out tonight.

Basically, I started off with 10 minutes of jump roping for cardio (for however many times I could skip for in one “round”), and then did a workout from ‘s website (HUGE fan of Zuzana’s workouts). I have to be honest: looking at the exercises, I didn’t think the workout would be too difficult…but it was. I was exhausted after just the first round. (To see what I’m talking about, check out: I pretty much collapsed on our cool tile floor afterwards 😛

Hopefully I can get my video situation figured out soon so I can start posting them. I have some comical ones to post as well 🙂


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