Interval Jump Rope Workout

Workout Summary:

25 reps double jumps

25 reps single jumps

25 reps jogging

25 reps high knees

Do as many sets as you can in 15 minutes.

I’m becoming more and more fond of integrating jump roping into my workouts. It’s a great way to get a high intensity workout in in a very short period of time. Jump roping isn’t easy, though–you already need to be at a decent level of fitness. I’m certainly still working up my endurance and trying to improve my form.

Double Jumps and Single Jumps

In this workout (taking from you start off with 25 reps of double jumps. These are sort of like the jumps we all probably did during a casual jumping set when we were kids. Your feet will come up off the ground as the rope passes underneath, and will then touch the ground TWICE before the rope passes underneath your feet again. To get a feel for this, stand with your feet flat on the floor. Bend your knees slightly and use your calf and leg muscles to bring yourself up onto your toes. Immediately drop your heels to the floor again, and then launch back up onto your toes. Your ankles and knees during this movement act like the suspension in a car, springy and helping to absorb/prevent much shock. Be sure not to thrust your upper body upwards in an attempt to get your feet off the floor to clear the rope.

Immediately move onto the next movement–the single jump. This is just like the double jump without that second bounce off the floor. You’ll have to whip the rope around a little faster and use more leg power to clear the rope. You can always practice without a rope first in order to get used to the movement.

Again, immediately after completing 25 reps of the single jump, move right onto jogging. This is just like it sounds: jogging in place while passing the rope under your feet. Be careful not to kick your feet back behind you–this is improper form! You might even feel like you’re trying to do high knees the first few times you correct your form while trying to jog with the rope. But, again, you can always practice without using a jump rope at first. Each time one of your feet touches the floor and the rope passes underneath you is considered one rep.

The last exercise is high knees with a jump rope. If you’ve ever done high knees without any equipment, you know they’re not the easiest exercise to do. So, yes, adding a jump rope into the equation makes them killer. If using a jump rope is too difficult, just drop the rope and do 25 reps of high knees without it. Put your hands flat about waist level and try to bring your knees up to your hands. Each time one of your feet touches the floor is considered one rep.


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