Starting the New Year Off Right!

If you’re looking for a simple, healthy, and fairly inexpensive snack for throughout the week, slicing some vegetables and tossing them in a ziploc bag is a great idea. Here’s a list of the veggies I used in my “snack bag” and the approximate cost:

-1 green bell pepper – $0.78

-1 red bell pepper – $1.48

-1 orange bell pepper – $1.48

-1 lb. organic celery – $2.98

-12 oz. Marketside brand vegetable blend of broccoli and cauliflower – $2.48

Total cost – $9.20







This blend easily fills a 1 gallon ziploc bag, which should be more than enough for one person to snack on throughout the week. I also grabbed a container of Marketside brand light ranch dressing for dipping the veggies in. Without the dressing, the approximate cost per day if you consumed the entire bag in 2 weeks would be only $0.66 per day. It jumps to $0.88 per day if you consume the entire bag in 1-1/5 weeks, and $1.31 per day if you managed to scarf it all down in one week.

Not bad, considering prepackaged veggie trays can be quite pricey.


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