Post-Sickness Workout


Jump Lunges

Crossfit Push-ups

Cross-over sit-ups


Set your interval timer for 12 repeats of 50 seconds active and 10 seconds rest. Do as many reps of each exercise as you can in each 50 second round.

I did 15 minutes worth of jump rope beforehand, doing the interval JR workout posted earlier for the first half (, and then jump roping however I fancied for the second half.

I’m having difficulties uploading videos again, so here’s a description of each of the exercises.

The jump lunges have already been used in previous workouts, so I’m skipping these. For the Crossfit push-ups (I saw this on the Crossfit Games the other day 🙂 ): you’re still doing a normal push-up here except when you lower yourself to the ground, allow your torso to lay on the floor and then ever so slightly lift your hands up off the floor. Place your hands back down and push back up. Repeat.

Cross-over sit-ups: This is actually an exercise stolen from the P90X workouts that I don’t know the actual name of. Start off laying flat on the floor like an “X.” Take one hand and place it behind your head. Make sure the other arm remains extending in the same postion throughout the movement. If your right arm is extended, you will sit-up and cross your right hand over to your left foot. Lower yourself back into the starting position and switch hands, bringing your left hand over to your right foot this time. Repeat.

Mountain-climbers: You may have done a lot of these in gym class as a kid (I did). Start off in a push-up or plank position, except bring one knee underneath your torso and allow your foot to touch the ground. From this position, you will be switching your feet in and out underneath your torso as if running in place (in such an awkward position) or (as the name implies) like climbing a mountain. I think this is a pretty common exercise, so videos or better demonstrations should easily be found online if needed.


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