Good Day for a Run

Today I forced myself outside for a 4 mile run. I wanted to run…just not in the cold. It was a little bit painful…not because of the cold (it was actually quite warm compared to the past few days), but my legs were feeling a bit numb towards the end due to soreness and my pace was “eh,” but I went the distance. The entire time I kept thinking to myself, “Should I really attempt another half-marathon this year??” I’d really love to, but I’m terrified of doing poorer than when I ran one in 2010. My training was geared specifically towards running then, whereas now I’ve been focusing on shorter, more intense workouts. I definitely miss running, but it’s reeeeally hard to stay motivated once the daily high temps remain in the 20’s or below, and I find tredmills boring (but, I will use one). Perhaps I’ll be able to come to a more solid conclusion on the half-marathon once I get some better winter running gear. Yes, I realize I can always wait until it’s summertime and then worry about another half but…I’m too impatient 🙂


2 responses to “Good Day for a Run

  1. I DEFINITELY believe you NEED run another half, for YOURSELF! 🙂 Just pick one that’s at least 4 months away, and you’ll be able to up your long runs nice and easy. 🙂 …without it feeling like you’re rushed for time. I have a half coming up in April, the RNR. I’ve focused on short distances lately too and excel at it, so I want to keep focusing on that, but I am upping my long runs for the half. Is there a group near you that runs? That’s the best way to force yourself outside, when there’s other people waiting for you. 😛 I want to hear an update about what you decide for the half. 🙂

  2. Running in the cold is definitely a concern with motivation. I can get myself motivated INSIDE where it’s nice and warm, but I’m a sissy when it comes to cold weather 😛 The two nearest running groups are a ways away, but depending where my next jobs ends up being (I’m recently unemployed) I’ll at least be working closer to one of the groups. Thanks for the comment!

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