18 Degrees, Feels Like 9

It only took me about an hour of debating to decide whether I wanted to brave the cold and attempt a run today. I eventually told myself to suck it up and stop wasting time and just get out there and get a run in. So, I did. I was a little more bundled up this time and actually stayed fairly warm…except for my face. Having said that, I couldn’t help but think the entire time I’m running At what point does frostbite set in? and Does anyone else actually run in this kind of weather…or am I just crazy??? (Feel free to actually answer these questions).

 I only managed 3 miles because it kind of hurt to breathe 😛 I was definitely hoping for more mileage than that, so I just may need to stick with the tredmill for now. I’m just hoping the weather is warmer at the end of March for the half marathon, otherwise I’m really concerned about my ability to actually complete the race :\


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