Exhausted and Frustrated

So, here’s the deal: this post is essentially worthless, except for the fact it gives me a chance to vent a little. For some messed up reason I’ve hardly been able to sleep at ALL the past few weeks. It cycles from not being able to fall asleep to just having trouble staying asleep to a combination of both, until I’m completely and utterly exhausted and frustrated because I feel like I may as well have never gone to bed in the first place the next morning. I might be able to cope with this a little better if I weren’t a workout-aholic and in training for another half marathon. My run yesterday was blah in my opinion…a measly 3 miles when I was hoping to do at least 4. And today, I didn’t even run or workout at all. Instead, I slept most of the day (I’m currently unemployed, but definitely looking for work). I don’t consider myself a lazy person (my whole day feels off if I don’t get a workout in), but I’m certainly heading that direction if I can’t manage some good quality sleep soon. Not even NyQuil has been able to knock me out (I know….baaad habit, but I’m getting desperate). Reading is also something that tends to knock me out VERY quickly (don’t laugh…this made homework a million times more painful when I was in school! A paragraph or two and BAM!…I was out…literally). You never truly realize how important sleep is for your health until you really start lacking in it.


4 responses to “Exhausted and Frustrated

  1. Feel better since you vented? 😉

    Do you feel relaxed when trying to get to sleep? Perhaps aromatherapy and relaxing music would help.

    Now treading on your territory…how’s your vitamin d? I’ve heard that can mess with sleep. Mine’s low in the winter so I take extra (but not too much:)

    • Actually, I did sleep a LITTLE better last night. Still woke up a few times, but I feel more rested than I have the past few days. I’m hoping to get a workout in here shortly 🙂

      I actually haven’t heard about a connection with vitamin D and sleep (or I have and just forgot). I’ll definitely look into that, and I PROMISE I’ll get an article on vitamin D done for you 🙂 I feel bad that I ended up abandoning my other blog right at vitamin D, lol. And most people (especially in the northern regions of the states) do have inadequate vitamin D during the winter months due to lack of expsoure to sunlight. Being sure to consume fortified dairy products, though, can help.

  2. Also cut out tv well before you sleep, go to bed same time every night and make sure the last few hours before bed are relaxed and stress free

    Best of luck with the training

    • Thanks! I actually hardly watch tv at all. My husband goes to bed loooong before I do because of work, and the only time we watch tv is when we’re eating dinner. As soon as he goes to bed, the tv goes off. I should probably treat the computer like the tv, though, and turn IT off long before bed 🙂

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