Hooray for a GREAT run today! I had it in mind that I wanted to get 5 miles in, and that was all I was concerned about at first. But, once I got started, I decided to give myself the challenge of getting those 5 miles in within an hour (or only a minute or two over), something I struggled with when training for my first half marathon. The last time I ran a hilly 4 miles near our place, it was at a pace that would’ve taken me well over an hour to get 5 miles in. Today, I did it in 1:02:10 🙂

The temperature wasn’t bad at all, and I even wore slightly lighter clothing this time. Temps were around 35-40 degrees, but the entire run back was against the wind–which was really frustrating and eventually cold. Throughout the run I started thinking of how I would handle the half marathon–run 3 miles and walk 1 (since I can’t run the entire distance), or should I run 5 and walk 1? I’m also hoping I can get 5 miles in within an hour for the half as well. Looks like I just gave myself some more goals to post 🙂


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