6 Miles….And a New Job :)

I had it in mind yesterday that I would try for 6 miles during my run. I planned on taking it easy and just sort of cruising, not really pushing too hard. When I first started off I felt like Id be lucky if I managed 5 miles. It was windy again, and I was running directly into the wind for the first mile (and it was coooold). Thankfully it died down for pretty much the rest of the run after that.

I still wore my watch to keep track of time, but I didn’t even look at it until about 2.5 miles. When pushing it, I usually do a little over a 10 minute mile (I’m a slow runner). I looked at my watch and it said 28 minutes. I was quite surprised considering I thought I was taking it really easy.

I kept going until I got to mile 3, and almost went on to 3.5 miles to turn around to make my run a total of 7 miles. Instead, I stuck with the plan and headed back after mile 3. The run back went a lot smoother than expected, too. I figured I’d run out of gas and have to walk most of it. I glanced every here and there at my watch just out of curiosity, and by the time I got back and finished the 6 miles, my final time was 1:13:06. I was pretty happy with that.

While on my run, I got a call from a job I had been waiting to hear back from, and THANKFULLY I got the job 🙂 There’s an orientation to attend today, and then the rest of the day will be filled with rest and relaxation!


2 responses to “6 Miles….And a New Job :)

  1. Treadmill runs are boring!! I did a lot of them lately without an Mp3 also due to it malfunctioning… The winter hasn’t been that bad here this year just the odd really cold day. I have to quit being a wimp haha

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