Post 9-Mile Run

I never thought I’d ever hear myself saying, “I ONLY ran 5 miles today.” But, after my 9 mile run last week and consistently running at least 5 miles each run recently, it’s hard NOT to feel like this was slightly mediocre. I wouldn’t say I’m disappointed, but I knew I could (and should) do more. Considering I was strongly lacking in motivation the past few days, I’m still quite happy with how today’s run went.

I certainly can’t forget to mention that my dog Turbo managed to stick with me the entire run. He’s a (ridgeless) Rhodesian Ridgeback, which we heard are great family dogs and even better as running companions; however, he either lacks motivation more than I do at times or just finds running to be downright boring since I’m usually coaxing him to keep up after 1.5-2 miles. He’s certainly never bored when we take him and our other dog for long hikes through the woods, but we don’t leash them when we’re hiking.

I was definitely suuuuper sore for my first day of work Thursday (since the 9-miler was Wednesday). I sort of tripped up our stairs just trying to bend my knees that morning. Thankfully I didn’t need to do any heavy lifting or kneeling much at work.


2 responses to “Post 9-Mile Run

  1. Actually, considering that it was so hilly (and that I had Turbo with me), my time was good. It was about the same as my last 5 miles on a straight route.

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