“Only” 6 (snow-covered) Miles

So, our weather here decided to finally look a little more like winter and had been snowing on and off the past few days. There was a decent amount of snow on the ground, but then most of it melted off rather quickly. I decided since I was once again “in the mood” for a run that I’d take advantage of the waning white stuff. I truly didn’t think the public trail I run on would have much snow, if any. Turns out, about 90% of the 6 miles I ran yesterday was covered by an inch or so.

When first starting off and hitting the first patch of snow, I was really nervous that I’d have to stop and turn around for safety purposes (I’m quite terrified of running on snow and with good reason). But, something told me to keep going and wait it out. Besides, there were plenty of other tracks in the snow from other runners, so surely I could hang in there and make it too.

It was certainly quite the workout. The impact felt a lot softer (obviously from some extra cushioning), but it also really seemed to kill my knee. My stride was so short that it felt like jogging in place at times. I felt a wave a relief wash over me when I cam to the first stretch of cleared road–solid ground!! Transitioning between snow and dry land took a whole new set of skills and coordination to get used to. My feet were soaked by the end and my nose was running like crazy. (I’ve become quite the expert at expelling excess phlegm while jogging). It was such a relief to get back into my car where it was warmer and drier.

I did manage to get 30 minutes in on the tredmill the day before. I’m not sure where all my motivation and desire to run went, but I’m guessing the change in weather had something to do with it. I hadn’t planned on doing ANYthing but being a total bum that day, so 30 minutes was actually still an accomplishment 🙂


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