Lazy Workout…If There Is Such a Thing

I figured I would give my poor knees another day to rest and opted to do some jump roping today. It was only 15 minutes’ worth at a semi-lazy effort. My eyes kept wandering over to our smaller dog during my workout because she had been acting a bit strange when I got home. Being a Toy Fox Terror (I mean, “Terrier”), she’s usually wound up and zooming around the house as soon as I let her out of her crate. But, today, she was sluggish and almost scared, shaking (not out of excitement as usual), and she didn’t want to leave my side. I almost took her to the vet, but everytime I got closer to that decision, she would show signs of improvement. She didn’t seem to be in pain, and did eventually play a little bit, so I figured I’d wait it out.

She’s a lot better now, but still not quite herself. Perhaps she had a bad night’s sleep? (Does that happen to dogs??) We’re keeping an eye on her and hopefully she’ll be herself by tomorrow.

I’m not sure when I’ll next get a chance to get another good run in. It’s supposed to be rainy and chilly the next few days, possibly even some snow. The mild winter has spoiled me rotten this year. Even though I managed to run in single digit temps and survive, I’m not really looking forward to doing it again. I’ll take a slight chill, but it’s going to take a lot of coaxing to get myself back out into frigidity.


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