Lazy on Posting, but Not on the Running

Obviously I haven’t been the most responsible with posting lately, but at least I can say I haven’t been lazy with running. I’ve gotten a few more 8- and 9-milers in since my last post. Today I was really hoping to get another 9 mile run in, but it was just one of those days where my feet felt like lead and I just didn’t have the energy. Thankfully, I’ve hardly had any days like that since starting to train for my second half-marathon (which is only 18 days away, mind you). Fortunately AND unfortunately, I only managed 6 miles today. But, considering the total lack of energy I had all day…I’ll take it.

My last run before this was an 8-miler. I ran into my one coworkers (not literally) who is training for a full marathon and, of course, she blew right past me from behind until I mustered up enough wind to shout hello. We both managed to converse for a few minutes (something I’ve never been able to do while running), and then we parted ways so she could continue running at her own pace. We both met up at the halfway point about the same time and decided that, between the freak-beautiful weather and the one time we actually had a chance to journey that trail together, we would rather walk/run than just simply run. I tried keeping up with her pace a few times, so I essentially received the same amount of a workout as if I had ran the entire route at my own pace.

I wasn’t the wisest with my diet this weekend, but I did learn how to make the super-yummy, not-too-bad-for-you (except that they’re insanely addicting) El Salvadorean dish called pupusas. I’m not sure if they’re common in other Latin American countries or not, but either way, they’re de-lish. I’ll have to post some pictures and a description of them once I take time to try to make them.


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