3 Days Until Half-Marathon Numero 2!!!

Shame on me for hardly posting lately, but I figured since my second half marathon is almost here I better say something. Unfortunately, I haven’t had as much time (or energy) to run the last 2 weeks, but I did manage to get out today for very short (and somehow exhausting) 4.5-miler. I’m hoping to get another short (but longer than today) run in tomorrow, and then rest Friday.

I’m super excited and nervous because several of my family members will be there for the race…..and my dad will actually get to watch me run this half! (I suprised him with a phone call after the first one since it was out of state and hardly anyone knew I was doing it).

I’m also excited to get the half over with because then I can officially start ….*drum roll*…. P90X!! (It’s it odd I get so excited about working out??) I’m REALLY hoping this will help me tone up and gain some strength back after not having done any strength training for a while. So, we’ll see how this goes!


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