Half Marathon #2…The Results Are In!

Before revealing the details and my final time from yesterday’s half marathon, I have to admit that, shortly after the start, I was truly afraid that my time was going to be WORSE than my previous half. While I’m capable of a faster pace-per-mile (though not a very impressive one), I obviously had to pace myself more for such a long distance–which I successfully managed to do. I believe my average pace for the previous half marathon was a little over 13 minutes, but I walked probably half of that half. This time around, having a little more endurance and a better understanding of how to pace myself, I managed to keep a pace of around 12:30 per mile. Again, that’s not that impressive at first glance, but when you consider that a person has to maintain that pace for 13.1 miles rather than just 3 or so, you then realize that there are plenty of opportunities for exhaustion to set in. I could continue to compare myself to the other runners like I used to (which prevented me from even bothering with running for the longest time), but I’ve learned that there’s really no fun in that because there will ALWAYS be someone better than you out there. I know where I came from in order to get to where I’m at, and I’m more than content considering that I couldn’t even run a mile when I started training for my first half marathon.

Having said all that, I’m even happier to say that I managed to beat my previous half marathon time….by about 10 minutes 🙂



It was a bit of a hectic half marathon due to the narrow road we were on and the fact that the road technically (supposedly) wasn’t allowed to be closed. There were certainly other roads that vehicles could’ve taken, but since it would’ve meant the long way around for them, there was still a small flow of traffic that we had to compete with. But, other than that, there really wasn’t anything to complain about, especially considering the terrain (solid road, virtually no hills, just slightly rolling), the scenery (beautiful river known for the surrounding tress and large rocks scattered throughout), and I even had an eagle flying along side me at one point. The weather was cool (fairly chilly at the beginning), but it was a gorgeous, enjoyable run that I just may have to do again someday.


4 responses to “Half Marathon #2…The Results Are In!

  1. Thanks everyone! It felt great not only to beat my time, but knowing that I was capable of running a half marathon twice. Now it’s time for some P90X 😉

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