P90X Time!

So, last Saturday, of course, was my half marathon. Sunday was certainly a rest and recovery day and, although I probably should’ve given my body a little more time, I decided to start my P90X2 routine on Monday. Because my legs were still a little sore and I didn’t want to completely kill myself with the first workout, I decided to start off with the Recovery and Mobilityroutine–except it felt a lot more like an actual workout than time for recovery. I also gave the X2 Ab Ripper a try that day, which wasn’t too bad. But, I found out just how little core strength I actually have.

Tuesday was a rest day to prevent becoming too sore.

Yesterday, I tried out the X2 Core workout (*insert pointing and laughter here*). What did I learn about my fitness level from this workout? That I have absolutely no balance, stability, or coordination at all–at least for that workout. I can’t tell you how many times I fell off my stability ball just simply trying to get into the plank position on it (I pretty much had to hop off the ball and go with the traditional plank position on the floor in order to do most of the exercises).

I’m pretty dang sore today and will probably end up having to take 3 rest days this week instead of 2, but obviously I need to be sure to keep up with the workouts–something that’s hard to do when you’re sore 🙂


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