First Full Week of P90X

After my first P90X2 workout (actually the Recovery and Mobility workout since I had just ran a half marathon), I was pretty sore the next day and rested/took the dogs for a quick hike. I tried out the X2 core workout the next and really began realizing just how weak I had become over the years from my physical activity slowly declining. Again, I had to rest the day after that because I was waaay too sore to workout.

…..Then came the Plyocide and yoga.

I was forewarned by a friend of the intensity of the yoga workout, and I knew plyometrics could be pretty brutal. But, your heart rate won’t drop a beat during Plyocide and, even if you have experience with power yoga, P90X2 yoga will still kick your butt. I believe I remember the hubby chilling on the couch behind me and occasionally chuckling at my attempts to keep up (especially during bakasana or crow pose when I clunked over on my head). My arms were pure jello before I even made it halfway through the yoga session, but I was surprisingly not real sore the next day. I still chose to do the Recovery and Mobility workout the next day since it’s the “lightest” of all the workouts (and yes, it’s definitely a workout rather than a recovery session. You’ll still be sweating quite a bit).

Today was Balance and Power, which wasn’t too bad. Granted, I only managed to do like half of the reps that were supposed to be attempted, but I was being careful with my form in hopes that I’ll eventually gain enough strength to do all the reps.


2 responses to “First Full Week of P90X

  1. That’s the one thing I’ve been horrible with–I haven’t been writing anything down. I know I should, though. I was writing my “scores” down when I did the Bodyrocker workouts, but between my muscles being fatigued and my heart rate jacked up, it was so hard to write legibly, lol.

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