Still Powering Through the Second Week of P90X2

I had to take another rest day again, yesterday, but substituted the Mobility and Recovery DVD for a leisurely hike with the dogs. The day before, I tried out the Total Body Workout. It felt pretty good, but I have HORRIBLE upper body strength.I used a stepping stool to help while pulling myself up for all of the pull-ups. I did notice, however, that I was able to keep my core properly engaged throughout most of the exercises, which is a true testament to my increased core strength already. Just 2 weeks before when I started, my push-ups looked more like I was trying to do “the worm.” You know…belly practically touching the floor with your pelvis not far behind. My push-ups felt nice and strong and actually felt right this time.

I also did the Ab Ripper workout, but unfortunately, our big dog saw me laying on the floor as play time. It was too adorable, and I felt bad shooing him away, but I needed the workout so bad and had to work hard. After a few minutes of hovering over me and throwing his gigantic paws on my chest and stomach one at a time as if to say “Hey! Play with me!”, he finally got the hint and walked away. (Our little 7 lb Toy Fox Terrier is just as bad sometimes, if not worse. They’re a hyper breed, so they want to play constantly….and I mean CONSTANTLY. I can’t count the number of times she’s dropped her ball at the tips of my feet while on the tredmill, only to watch it fly off behind me and into the wall, and then do it again.)

I decided to get the Plyocide workout in today since my arms are still fairly sore from the Total Body Workout. I was able to keep up this time! That doesn’t mean I wasn’t exhausted and dripping with sweat, though.

The scale hasn’t told me anything exciting lately, but again, it’s only been 2 weeks and at least I’m feeling better and stronger. Plus, work has been really busy and a tad stressful this week, so my diet hasn’t exactly been clean all week. Hopefully I’ll start to see some real results by the end of next week 🙂


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