Engage Your Core!

Ever since starting P90X2 and being exposed to such an array of exercises that work your core (and hearing Tony say, “Engage your core!” in almost every workout), I’ve been catching myself engaging my core everywhere I am–from sitting in my car driving to walking around work to lifting heavy objects and cleaning at work. It has definitely made me aware of just how weak my core actually is and how much I’ve been puttin unnecessary strain on my back by not having a stronger core. I keep wondering to myself, “If engaging your core is more efficient mechanically, then how have we all ended up using our cores so little??” The one answer that keeps coming to mind is laziness. Yes, we all become fatigued eventually in some way or another that causes us to “trade off” energy and body mechanics to give other parts of our bodies a break, but I feel this is something we should all be more aware of.

Having said that, I didn’t feel too successful at engaging my core with the Power and Stability workout yesterday. I felt stronger every but my core for some reason. Perhaps that was my body telling me it was time for a day of rest? The day before, if I remember correctly, was the Plyocide workout. I;m definitely getting stronger with those exercises, but there’s still not a lot of heighth to my jumps (I’m sure it doesn’t help that I’m short, white, and a bit of a country girl).

It feels REALLY good to know I’ve stuck with the program this long, and I’m super anxious to feel myself continue to get stronger. One more week and I should be ready for Phase 2 of P90X2!


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