Last Day of Phase 1!

While I have reached the end of Phase 1 of P90X2, I wouldn’t exactly call today’s workout a success. I wasreally  excited to do Plyocide again and get a little more cardio in, but I became sick about half-way through and eventually had to stop at the 15 minute mark. It was really frustrating, but it was even more frustrating trying to do plyometric moves while feeling dizzy and lightheaded. I went as far as I felt I could go through the workout and then called it quits.

I haven’t really lost any weight during this phase, but I also wasn’t always sensible with my diet. I have, however, noticed a difference in the mirror and how some of my clothing fits, so it’s certainly not a complete failure. I’ve also definitely increased in strength and have improved my balance as well, so at least I’m not as wobbly anymore.

From what I understand, P90X incorporates a recovery week into each phase. Initially, I wasn’t going to “observe” the recovery week and just go straight into Phase 2. Then, I considered just going for a short run each day of the recovery week. However, I had a doctor’s appointment today and had some blood drawn (apparently by someone who isn’t very smooth at taking blood), so now my arm is bruised and awefully sore–meaning no P90X moves for a day or so. I’ve been having running withdrawals, so I just may have to dig out my retired running shoes this week.


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