P90X2–Phase 2

I officially started Phase 2 on Friday by doing the Chest + Back + Balance and X2 Ab Ripper workout, but my schedule became a little funky over the weekend and I haven’t been able to workout since. I’m hoping to be able to fit in either the Plyocide or Yoga workout today. This whole week is going to be rough for working out because we’re leaving for Cleveland for the weekend to catch a Rammstein concert (that’s right, be jealous), so between packing and organizing and getting last minute details in, it’s going to be busy.

But, about that workout on Friday: Just looking at the names of the workouts outlined for this phase, almost all of them seem to be upper body. I’m a little concerned about this because I have very, VERY little upper body strength and don’t want to be so sore after each workout that I have to wait a few days before I can consider doing the next one. I’m still modifying a lot of the exercises while still trying to push as hard as I can to do the full exercise. The workout on Friday went surprisingly well in terms of keeping up with it. It was a lot of push-up/pull-up type exercises and, while I became fatigued a few times and had to rest in the middle of the exercise, I felt like there was a noticeable difference/increase in my strength already. I could struggle to get out 10 decent push-ups before starting P90X2, and now I’m doing several sets of different styles of push-ups at about 8-10 reps in each set. I think one of the main reasons I’m able to do this is because of learning how to engage my core during the push-ups. I’m actually focusing more on my core while completing a push-up than on my arms. It’s definitely making a big difference.


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