Switching Gears

I suppose the irony of having a blog about health and fitness is that immediately after posting a blog about not letting life get in the way of your goals, well….life kind of gets in the way. I haven’t really posted much since returning from our trip to Cleveland–mostly because I haven’t really had anything to update on. Staying up so late each night while in Cleveland really took a toll on our sleep schedules because BOTH of us have been pretty exhausted since. Mother’s Day weekend was quite hectic where I work, and work in general also picked up where my husband works.

I haven’t been completely inactive since my last post–I just simply haven’t picked back up on P90X. Since the weather has been improving, I’ve been focusing on getting our dogs outside more rather than keeping them cooped up inside all day, every day. We’ve taken them for a few hikes here and there, but we’ve also been using this opportunity to spend more time in the garden and bringing our landscaping back up to par (all of which is physically demanding). Having said that, I think I may need to switch gears for a while and take a break from P90X and focus on expending energy in more productful ways.

Unfortunately, my time may be cut even shorter soon. I’ve been looking into Dietetic Internships and have been spending quite a bit of time on the phone getting information about different programs. It’s highly recommended to have a decent amount of volunteering experience under your belt if you wish to be considered for a Dietetic Internship (something I don’t have much of), so I’ve also been looking into getting a volunteering schedule set up (something else that requires a lot of time spent on the phone). For those of you who don’t know, we pretty much live in the middle of nowhere and each of us already spends about an hour and a half just driving each day to and from work–that’s worth about 1.5 P90X2 workouts! Obviously if I manage to find some place to volunteer, my driving distance each week (and time spent sitting) is going to increase even more. However, I highly doubt I will be doing much sitting while volunteering, and my job is already physically demanding most times, so at least I won’t be completely sedentary.

My blog posts will probably switch back and forth between gardening updates (thankfully I haven’t killed anymore plants lately) and mentioning of exercise through hiking with the dogs. I may even throw in a P90X workout here and there, too. But, be patient (something I need to learn to do!) and stay tuned.




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