Enjoying Summer

We’ve managed to get several hikes in over the weekend, and instead of just simply always telling you that we went for a hike, I decided to take my camera along and SHOW you what one of our hikes is like. (WARNING: Jealousy may occur). We have a decent amount of land to trek over, and most of the time I feel like I don’t want to stop because the scenery is motivating.

For the first time since I’ve lived here (about 5 years), I finally got to see the beavers who’ve made their home in the pond and rivers along the trails. I was super excited when I realized there was one swimming around and that it didn’t seem to notice us (picture below). But, I was almost a little creeped out once I realized just HOW huge these creatures are! They look an aweful lot like groundhogs, and I honestly thought they only grew slightly larger than one…not true! The male seemed about 3x the size of a groundhog. Nonetheless, it was pretty cool to get to see.

I also managed to get some X2 yoga in yesterday, as well. Let me tell you…I was dripping with sweat and having a hard time keeping up. But, considering that I hadn’t gotten an actual workout in in a while, it felt pretty good. I needed it, and I knew I needed it. Hopefully I can manage another yoga session tomorrow, too.

This is my view throughout every hike. Terrible, isn’t it?





More gorgeousness








The start of “The Hill”



Almost to the top!







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