Almost Healthy Again

My husband and I had all sorts of plans for this weekend since we both had a long weekend (rare), but unfortunately we were both too sick with a cold to really do anything. He’s been sick for over a week and I’ve been sick since last Wednesday. I had hoped to pretty much have everything garden-related done…but that didn’t quite happen. That actually worked out for the best, however, because we had a freak storm here yesterday with hail and crazy downpours and winds that caused power lines to fall over left and right (we lost power yesterday around 5:00pm and just got it back about an hour ago). Most of my seeds/seedlings probably would’ve been washed away. Without power, our water pump wouldn’t work so we had to hang our camping “showers” outside and indulged in personal hygiene practices that way (it wasn’t as bad as I expected…quite fun, actually). We also cooked our dinner with the help of several flashlights, candles, and a make-shift grill on our stovetop. I tried crayfish for the first time…and wasn’t real impressed. We saw them at a Giant Eagle and couldn’t pass up the opportunity. It’s not really something I’ll eat again, but perhaps some of you have had better experiences with them??

I’m pretty sure I still have another day or two to go before I’m completely up to par and can get back to hiking, etc. In the meantime, I have a little side project to keep me busy. I’m hoping to organize my first 5K race (not there aren’t enough around this area anyway). It would be the first of its kind for the area, though, in terms of a few minor details. I should know more about it this week and will hopefully have some details to post.




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