What U.S. Food Labeling Laws Allow


Check out what Domino Sugar is implying here. Yes, sugar is a SIMPLE carbohydrate. But, for the average person reading this, they’re going to deduce that sugar can be considered “healthy” unless they realize or change the second statement to read, “SIMPLE carbohydrates are NOT an important part of any balanced diet.” And while 15 calories per teaspoon isn’t too shabby, how many food items can you think of that have only 1 teaspoon’s-worth of sugar in them? Unfortunately, this is only one example of the types of statements that are allowed to be used by food manufacturers and producers, strongly contributing to public confusion about nutrition information.

I’d love to hear any thoughts or comments on this!


One response to “What U.S. Food Labeling Laws Allow

  1. This is absurd and to those who are less educated this is extremely dangerous. Food labeling laws allow such misleading information to be printed and take advantage of people who genuinely do not know about nutrition

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