It’s Been A While!

I’ve done it again…I’ve disappeared from the blogging scene only to be sucked right back in again. It was never my intent to completely drop this blog–in fact, I only meant to take a brief vacation from it after taking on two jobs (which was only temporary to help us get ahead and actually ended a while ago. Life somehow managed to keep me busy, though). So, here I am again, and back with some updates.

In the time I’ve been gone, I managed to complete my applications for several dietetic internships (a process that has pretty much consumed my life for the past several weeks. Unfortunately, I won’t find out any information until April 7, so keep your fingers crossed). We’ve jumped into the world of beer brewing in addition to wine making (something went awry with our last batch of wine and we had to toss it). There’s even a small brewing store in the area close enough that I can swing by after work when I need something! We also managed to have one of our worst experiences with gardening this year (although, I hear everyone had issues due to the weather, but we still take it kind of personally…at least I do. I’m sure there was plenty we could’ve done differently in order to salvage something from the garden).

We also had the privilege of visiting Austin, TX and experiencing the food scene there. And, for once, we even remembered to take notes on what we ate and drank so that we can actually reminisce meaningfully about our experience rather than struggling to recall vague details.

This is a fairly quick, choppy “welcome back” entry, but there’s so much more I hope to post about soon, so be sure to check back ready with comments and conversation starters!


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