The Power of Facebook



Ironically, I stumbled upon two links tonight on Facebook relating to a topic I was planning on posting about this coming weekend. I follow “Food Day” on Facebook, a group that focuses on all things food and nutrition related, especially when it comes to ethical and environmental implications. Food Day had posted a link to a new book that recently came out called Behind The Kitchen Door, which appears to expose many of the aspects of foodservice diners don’t realize or think about (specifically when it comes to low wages, long hours, poor benefits, etc). I’m really anxious to get a hold of this book and potentially have my own eyes opened to problems I might not be aware of even though I work in foodservice. Here’s a link to the promotional website:

As I was browsing this website, I noticed a little link off to the left labeled, “Diners’ Guide.” I clicked and eventually stumbled upon the Restaurant Opportunities Center (ROC) United webpage–something I wish I had known existed a long time ago (although, they appear to be a fairly young organization). As their website states about the ROC-U Mission, “The mission of the Restaurant Opportunities Centers (ROC) United is to improve wages and working conditions for the nation’s low wage restaurant workforce.” This is HUGE. This is an issue I’ve stressed over ever since diving into the foodservice workforce years ago. Granted, I haven’t had the opportunity to work in any gourmet settings where, perhaps, working conditions and wages are different. But, in the area where I live, wages and benefits for foodservice workers are pretty stingy, and they’re even worse for the servers.

I won’t rant anymore about this topic until I get a chance to post my anticipated entry this weekend. Until then, check out ROC’s website as well:


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