HIIT and Homemade Goodies

Today, I revisited the workout I did last Friday in an attempt to beat my “score.” I pulled a few ideas from some of Zuzka’s previous workouts (http://zuzkalight.com/) for a 12-minute, as-many-reps-as-possible (AMRAP) workout. Below is a breakdown of the workout:

Jump Lunges (10 reps)

Narrow Push-ups (10 reps)

Jump Squats w/ 5 lbs (10 reps)

Leg Lifts with Reverse Crunch (10 reps)

On Friday, I managed 5 rounds, and today (even though my legs were still sore) I managed 6. I might get crazy and aim for 7 later this week.

My husband did get a little crazy today and decided that, after watching me struggle through this workout, he needed to try it. Now, he’s certainly not an out-of-shape individual, but he hasn’t exactly worked out consistently in quite some time. I bumped the timer down to 10 minutes to show him some mercy. His first round was pretty strong, but there seemed to be an aweful lot of laughter thereafter as he struggled to make it through the reps. He still managed to get a good workout in, but it was moreso free entertainment for us.

In addition to a great workout today, I also put to use a pasta drying rack my husband got me for Valentine’s Day (yes, I’m that hardcore of a culinary enthusiast that I prefer kitchenware to flowers and chocolates for romantic ocassions). I also finally put to use the leftover yeast from our first batch of home brew and some of the grains from our current batch by making some homemade bread with them. I was kind of surprised there wasn’t more of a flavor change. The grains added a little extra earthiness, but I think adding more next time would be better (I was afraid that adding too much at first would make the loaves chewy or even crunchy from the texture of the grains). Check out the picture below of how this all turned out:


Homemade pasta, bread, and brew.

Homemade pasta, bread, and brew.


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