HIIT For Your Core

This past week, I’ve been focusing on improving my “scores” with 2 workouts that really work your core. They were once again pulled from Zuzka’s website (http://zuzkalight.com/). The first workout consists of just 2 exercises:

Plank rows – 10 reps

Burpees – 10 reps 

(for a demo on plank rows, check out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-NP3Wke4GLA).

This workout only lasted 10 minutes, but the goal was to crank out as many rounds as possible. I’ve also been sticking with a fairly light weight for the rows (2.5 lbs in each hand). With my first attempt, I managed 6 rounds. I had really high hopes of beating that score by at least a full round today, but only managed 6.5 rounds (not too shabby after a crazy, hectic, and exhausting day at work, though).

The second HIIT workout, which was 12 minutes long) works your core through more of a total body approach:

Jump lunges – 10 reps

Narrow push-ups – 10 reps

Jump squats (with light weight–about 2.5 lbs in each hand) – 10 reps

Leg lifts – 10 reps

A quick note on these exercises: if you do each of them properly, even the jump lunges and squats (which obviously focus on your legs) will still work your core. Especially during the jump lunges, if you keep your head up, shoulders back, and torso straight, you’ll feel a little action happening with your core. Push-ups are a great exercise for your core as well–as long as you have proper form. A push-up is essentially a moving version of a plank. You have to engage your core throughout the entire movement. A good way to practice this is to start off in the basic plank position, core tight and engaged, and then slowly lower yourself down into a push-up maintaining the tension in your core. Tightening your core really comes in handy for the push back up into the starting position. Check out this quick tutorial on how to do a proper push-up: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eh00_rniF8E.

As for my scores with this workout, I managed 5 rounds the first time, and 6 rounds my second try. (This is the workout my husband decided he needed to try regardless of teh fact he hasn’t worked out consistently for years.) I’m gunning for 7 next time!

Perhaps I can encourage some of my followers to try out these workouts and post their scores as well??




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