No Pain, No Gain–Another ZWOW Workout


After watching the instructional video for ZWOW #46 (, and before trying the workout, I made the mistake of “guestimating” what my time would be based upon everyone else’s times posted in the comments below the video. For some reason, this workout didn’t look that difficult to me, but I should’ve known better. I mean, come on…if it wasn’t hard then Zuzka wouldn’t be doing it.

This was a time challenge workout, meaning you try to complete a set number of rounds in as little time as possible. In this case, three rounds was the magic number. My time was certainly far from the times posted in the comments. In fact, it was so bad compared to everyone else’s that I’m not even going to post what it was (I know, shame on me for being concerned about how my results stack up to everyone else’s. I need to do MY best. Well…I don’t think I did do my best today, therefore, I’m not posting my results just yet). I think I’ll work with this workout a few more times to see if I can’t improve my time. THEN, maybe I’ll post some results. I would like to note that during the 1-legged walk-out burpees that you’ll work your core even more if you keep your hips forward and derriere low while crouching down since your core muscles are needed to balance and stabilize yourself throughout the exercise.


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