Hiking Weather….Finally!!

I’ve been pretty lazy with posting lately, but at least I’ve managed to get several hikes in with the dogs since my last post. The weather is FINALLY improving (cue angelic choir), so I’ve been taking every opportunity to get the dogs out of the house and get some exercise in the process.  I also, of course, had to break in my first pair of hiking boots…ever! We went to REI over the weekend specifically to find me a good pair of hiking shoes–mission accomplished. I practically dreamt about these bad boys the night we brought them home. I couldn’t wait to get outside the next day and test them out!

My Sportivas!

My Sportivas!

I thought I’d kick today’s hike up a notch by grabbing my hiking pack and stuffing a 10 lb weight into it. According to my heart rate monitor (and taking the same route as my last recorded hike), I burned an extra 100 calories by doing so (each hike has been lasting a little over an hour). Since I actually had a little time to spare after the hike, I decided to throw in about 25 minutes of weight training afterwards, as well. It was a much needed session. (Thankfully, it’s supposed to storm tomorrow so that the dogs won’t know that the REAL reason I’m not hiking with them again is because I’m too sore to do so!)


Enjoying some sunshine.

Enjoying some sunshine.



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