More Hiking!

I’ve been diving back into some strength training again in addition to either hiking or HIIT treadmill workouts.Today, I figured I better get the dogs out for a hike since they’ve been cooped up inside most of the week due to the weather. It wasn’t as intense of a hike as usual, but it did last 2.5 hours (mostly because I was taking lots of pictures and spending plenty of time trying to figure out a way for both Daisy and I to cross the stream without falling in–Turbo just stomps his way through the water regardless of the fact that he hates getting wet). After the hike, I threw in a quick lifting session.

Daisy crossing

Daisy crossing

There was quite a bit of wildlife hanging around “The Pond,” but it’s near impossible to get decent pictures of other creatures when your four-legged friends find them first (they’re experts at photo-bombing). Turbo stumbled upon a bird that neither my husband or I have seen before, and I’m surprised he even noticed it with as well as it blended into the rest of the stumps and beaver-damaged trees. Perhaps someone out there might know exactly what it is? I’m pretty sure I heard it quack very similarly to a duck.

Mystery Bird

Mystery Bird

As for those new hiking boots of mine…they’re pretty well worn-in by now. I tread over and through all kinds of muck and terrain today, and even braved a leaf-covered “super-hill” that I’ve never climbed before. I’m pretty sure I would’ve never made it up the hill in my other pair of substitute, non-hiking boots I was forced to wear until recently.

Overall, the hike seemed to do its job with not only giving me a little bit of a workout, but in exercising and tuckering out the dogs as well. How do I know? See picture below.

Operation: Tuckered Puppy. Mission: Completed.

Operation: Tuckered Puppy.
Mission: Completed.



2 responses to “More Hiking!

    • Most definitely! It’s just “terrible” to be surrounded by so much nature 😉 And for anyone who is wondering, we think we’ve figured out who the mystery bird is: he’s an American Bittern.

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