4.5 Miles….WITH Turbo!

All day at work today, I debated what my workout was going to be when I got home. I knew I wanted to focus on cardio and considered taking Turbo for a run, but the temperatures just weren’t creeping upward as much as I would’ve liked (it was in the upper 50s most of the day with a pretty chilly wind, and I kept thinking to myself, “HOW did I manage to train for my last half marathon in single digit weather??” For those of you who don’t know, I’m a hot weather person. Not warm weather…hot. Below 80 degrees F is still too cold for my liking). I thought about using the heavy bag instead and then braving the chilly wind to take the dogs outside afterwards to play. But, when I got home and stood outside to test one of my running outfits to see if it would be warm enough, I decided a run was the way to go.

The wind was horrible at first and I had to smash my hat down onto my face so far that my sunglasses started crushing my nose. I was quite impressed, however, at Turbo’s lack of distraction for not having been on a run with me for several months. Actually, the Amish horses seemed more intrigued by Turbo than he did by them. The fencing for one of the farms ran right along the guard rail along the road, and the horse behind that fence apparently had a point to prove. He was either territorial or just irritated that this odd creature running alongside a human was out of reach. I’m not sure if it was the guard rail or mailbox (yes, mailbox) that he decided was appropriate to kick, but he threw his hooves against something metal and scared the bejesus out of me.

As I’ve probably mentioned in previous posts, Turbo isn’t the best dog for running with at times. I’m not sure if he gets lazy or bored, but by the end of most of my runs with him, I usually find myself with one arm behind me holding onto the taut leash attached to a lagging dog. He did really well for most of the run this time….until we reached “The Hill”. The Hill is only about 1/8 of a mile long, but incredibly steep. It’s almost a topographic dare that I have to jog and conquer–I haven’t walked The Hill in years. So, just imagine running that hill with 110 lbs worth of reluctant canine occasionally stopping or veering off the road. (It has to be boredom from not getting to stop and sniff every other blade of grass because when I take the dogs for hikes, he runs around for hours on end with no problem). We eventually made it up The Hill, but I had to walk a little to recuperate. I tried jogging again once we made it onto the dirt road leading past our house, but Turbo just wasn’t having it. Immediately after that, I heard the sound of my husband’s car turn down the road and as he slowly drove past me (laughing at me dragging Turbo) I yelled, “Throw him in the car with you!!” He actually pulled over and started moving stuff off the passenger’s seat (I was only semi-serious). But, then I had an idea: the dogs are always suddenly overcome by an excess of energy and excitement when they hear my husband coming home from work (and Turbo definitely recognized the sound of his car pulling up behind us and wanted to run to him), so I told my husband to keep driving to see if it would encourage Turbo to keep up the rest of the way to the house. It worked…sort of. Once we made it to the yard, I let Turbo’s leash go and coaxed him to run after “Daddy” in the driveway. But…I still managed to beat him to it. Silly dog.

Regardless of Turbo’s lack of enthusiasm for running, it was still a pretty amazing run. I mean, the most I’ve run in the past 6 months or more was 2 miles, so I have no idea where the 4.5 came from today. I’m sore, but happy–especially as I look over at Turbo all curled up asleep at feet on the couch.

Turbo after Run


2 responses to “4.5 Miles….WITH Turbo!

  1. haha. I think its boredom too, if I don’t give my dog a “sniff” break after every mile or so he just slows down and trots. =P Turbo is a cutie!

    • Thanks! I feel bad at times for not simply letting him be a dog while running, but considering the length of this run, I was still very impressed with his concentration this time 🙂

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